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    Straight table losing sort order when accessed through browser

      Right.... this is really bugging me now


      Have a straight table which I have sorted A-Z by 2 dimensions, which I've bumped up to the top of the sort priority list, I'm not using any expressions to sort them just the text A-Z ascending selection.  When I have it open using the client version the sort is as I wish. However when I open the same document through the web browser (internet explorer, we're using QV10 SR2 btw) it opens sorted by another different column (a calculated dimension that is third in the sort order... that it used be sorted by when the table was first created), it even has an arrow at the top of this column indicating the sort. I've tried deleting the qvw and re saving it, same thing happens. Not cleared the cache or anything yet... will try that tomorrow. I've also cleared down the meta and shared files for the qvw. No luck.


      Anyone come across this before?


      Next  steps tomorrow wil be to delete and recreate the stubborn column.


      Then if this doesnt work recreate the table from scratch. Which will be a pain in the bum as it's got a lot of expressions in it!