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    Comparing 2 bar charts

      Hey smart people. A question:


      I have 2 bar charts, tracking 2 different things - one is a "letter sent" chart, and one is a "payment sent" chart.


      Both of these charts measure pretty much the same thing: letters must be sent out within 60 days of receiving them, and payments also must be sent out within 60 days of receiving them.


      These are all linked to unique ID's. so, for instance: ID number 1234 has a record on the payment bar chart. It also has a record on the letters bar chart. They were both handled in a timely fashion (sent out within 60 days of notice to send), and all is well.


      If we have 100 different ID's, and they all were sent in a timely fashion, the bar chart shows 100% for that month.


      Now, here's the question....


      I need to make a bar chart which only shows the WORST of these results. For instance, in the month of October, if we were at 100% for the letters, but only 90% for the payments, the bar chart should only show the 90% for the payments.


      The user only wants to see the worst results for that month.


      Is there a way to do this? Perhaps make a 3rd chart, which says to take the lowest percentage of the 2 charts I have, based on month?


      Or can I do all of this behind the scenes, and only show the one chart with the "worst results"?