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    Converting from text to number



      How can I convert from text to number?

      I've tryied to use the function Num#(fildname) but it dit not worked.


      My problem is:

      I have 2 columns in my excel spreadsheet, each one with values from 0 up to 100.

      The values can be 0, 4, 5, 7, 99.. I mean, it is a random field!


      And I would like to plot column A x Column B.

      But the problem is that the chart is not showing empty values, and I´m seeing that the axes are like text and not numbers.


      For example, one of my values is 02, but it is the same thing as if it were 2.

      The chart is showing 0 - 02 - 3


      And the distance between 0 - 02 - 3 is the same of the 80 - 100. Coz there is no value between 80 and 100

      Did you get it?


      Check the picture


      How can I solve it?

      Thanks per your attention,


      Best regards