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    question about charts. need your brains!

      Okay guys. You've all been a huge help so far - need your brains on another QV puzzle.


      So... I have some bar charts. About 15 of them. They all have expressions behind them to show a total of "good" assignments, basically. So, for instance, "chart 1" will show the amount of letters that were sent out on time, based on calculations in the expressions. "Chart 2" will show the amount of payments that were sent out on time, based on another expression. And so on and so forth. Chart 1 might have 100%, Chart 2 might have 90%, etc. These are shown by month. And just one month at a time - NOT a "yearly" chart with every month on it.



      Now, here's where things get tricky.


      The client, every month, needs to pull a report that shows them a summary of all "assignments", and what percentage they were at for that month. So, I need a "master" chart, and it needs to have every one of the 15 charts' names across the X axis. Then show their percentages, on the Y.


      I need to find a way to do this. I don't want to show 15 different charts, cluttering up the tab... I need ONE chart which shows every assignment for that month, and the percentage it was at...


      Can I make a summary chart, that pulls the data in from all of the other charts, and sorts them? Can I do this while hiding the 15 charts, so the client only sees one, "master" chart?


      Thanks guys.