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    Splitting comma separated value stored in variable so I can use it is a dimension

    Jeroen Jordaan

      Hello QlikViewers,


      I have the following issue.

      I have a comma separated string that is stored in a variable. The string that is stored in the variable looks like this '16', '17a', '18', '19-C', '20', '92'.


      I need to find a way that a can split these values so that I can use those values as a dimension.


      I tried to use the function SubField but I retrieve only on value and I need them all.


      The Straight table or Pivot table I want to create is like this


      House No.     Number of Persons

      16                 4

      17a               1

      18                 6

      19-C              2

      20                 3

      92                 4


      Thanks in advance