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    Expression text display is missing while values are appearing fine.



      I have an qlikview dashboard developed , The machine on which this application is developed is having following configuration windows 2008 server ,qlikview server 9 and qlikview developer 9 and RAM is 16 GB.


      Dashboard is working fine on above machine, But when ever I am trying to copy this dashboard on any other machine with configuration as qlikview developer , RAM is 16 GB , windows 2008 server(Only qlikview server is not installed), then display of expression text of pivot report dont show all the text .


      For example: in below pivot "Cost" and "Revenue" is an expression, but when dashboard is open then values will appear properly but sometime text of expression will show only "Cost" or doesnt show any text.

                        India   Australia UAE

           Cost     10       20               20


      Revenue    30     20               10


      Please help me in displaying all text of pivot .


      Thank you






      service 9on qlikview serverapplication