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    Lorna Louw

      Hi guys


      I'm new to Scorecarding in QV.


      can anyone send me a (simple!) example of a scorecard in QV.


      Note, I'm not referring to a dashboard, I'm referring to a scorecard.


      thank you

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          I have found Financial Controller Dashboard picture at Top 9 Best QlikView Examples - QlikView Marketing Intelligence Blog...


          It says "What is special about this chart is that the “KPI names” are actually loaded as a dimension, allowing them to be used in a single chart element. In most QlikView dashboards these types of overviews are built manually with Text charts. I will leave it as homework to examine the load script behind the file and understand how this example is built."


          As a complete novice in QV I would like to know how to approach this challange. There are two issues as I see them:

          1) Business decision not to target "top level" measurement, rather its drill down i.e. Volume of complaints vs Volume of complaints related to purchase.


          2) How to package this list as a part of balanaced score card report, different scorecards and KPI for different departments/individuals. It would be tremendous management effort to maintain such list through manually edited text boxes on different scorecards.


          So, how do you map KPI name (as a table column) to a measurement calculated in QV?



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            jagan mohan rao appala


            Check the below link for number of Qlikview dashboard demos and some files you can able to Download also