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    Governance DashBoard Historical

      Hello! I have one problem... recently I installed Governance DashBoard in one Server and it´s running daily at night, the problem is that it only stores one day , in the scan period selection I only have the last day in the Selectors, I need to save all the days to analyze how my .qvd and qvw are growing daily... Is there something that I need to configure or what i'm doing wrong? , Might you could help me , Thanks!

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          William Kehoe

          Hi Edgar,


          The Governance Dashaboard uses a a two-component composite key field named LoadDateKey which is the concatenation of the full path of  a scanned QVW, QVD or QVX file and the date on which that file was scanned.  Not all file content is recorded historically.  Specifically, the records in the FileList, TableLineage, QVWTables, QVDTables, QVWFields and QDFieldHeader are accumulated historically by appending each day's scan date of these records with the scan records for all prior days that have been stored in QVD files in the QVD_Historical sub-folder of your config profile.  Note that the SOE table only contains the latest day's records.  You can see which tables use the LoadDateKey field using the table viewer.


          The information you're seeking, that of tracking the change in size of QVW and QVD files, should be accumulating historically in the File List table where there should be a distinct record for each QVW (or QVD) file corresponding to each scan date.  The full context of the FileList table, including the ScanDate and the Size of he file can be seen in table labeled 'Files monitored' in the 'File Details' sheet.  Be sure you clear all selections and that a specific san day is not selected in the Scan Period date ListBoxes on the left side of the sheet.  If you're not seeing these records on a day-by-day basis, it suggests that the QVD files in the QVD_Historical sub-folder are either not being written or being deleted between scans.  You easily see whether the FileList.qv test whether the FileList.qvd file is being created by examining the contents of the QVD_Historical sub-folder of your config profile and even open that in QlikView to inspect its contents.

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              Thank you Bill! , I don´t have any selection in the List Box , I think that for one reason everyday when the governance dashboard runs overwrite the qvd's placed in the folder that you said instead of making an Historical , I´m going to inspection this qvd's with Qlikview. Regards

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                  William Kehoe

                  Hi Edgar,


                  The overwriting of the QVD files in the QVD_Historical folder on each scan/reload is correct behavior.


                  The Governance Dashboard's load script uses the standard, documented approach for incremental loading historical data and saving it back down to the original QVD file.  You can find more information about how this works by reading section 28.4 in the QlikView 11 Reference Manual but the logic goes something like this:

                  1. Execute Gov Dashboard scanner module and run the queries to load the current day's scan data, e.g.

                    SELECT LoadDateKey,... FROM FileList

                  2. Re-read the prior scan's Historical QVD file, but only load records not already loaded (i.e. this will skip records that were loaded on the same day since the LoadDateKey is granular to the Day level only)

                    CONCATENATE LOAD LoadDateKey,... FROM QVD_Historical\FileList.qvd
                    WHERE NOT EXISTS (LoadDateKey)

                  3. Overwirte the prior image of the Historical QVD with the new, complete data set:

                    STORE FileList INTO QVD_Historical\FileList.qvd


                  Inspectring the QVD files is the right thing to do.  By opening up the FileList.qvd file in QlikView, you should be able to see records whose LoadDateKey field contain the same QVW file path but have different date values indicating the different scans for the same file over multiple days.