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    BI lifecycle flow within tool

      Hello Friends


      This Tool is new for me and started learning the same.Installed the free version and able to do the conection from oracle/sqlserver database.

      Can anybody help me to understand how the BI lifecycle flow within Qlickview tool.

      As i have read their are server/Desktop/report designer etc


      For Example:


      In sqlserver we have database we use MSBI for BI lifecycle

      like SSIS for making transformations

      SSA for cubes

      and SSRS to make reports


      In this case ....How this Qlikview work like MSBI?

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          vikas mahajan

          Hii ,



          BI Life Cycle : - 

          - Create Local database in SQL (Qlikview Server)

          - Create Scripts for pulling data from software where you want to fetch records.

          - Schedule Jobs for duration of  30 mins or 1 hrs (This will update data from source & destination)

          - After this create temp views and temp tables to load data into qvw.

          - Create QVD

          - Load QVD in Qlikview

          - Schedule QVW file in QMC for refreshing data.


          Hope this helps you.