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    How to plot multiple y-values as dots against x-axis?

      Dear Qlikview users,


      I have a excelsheet with temperature and gas data. I need to create a chart where the temperature is on the x-axis. And every gas-value which belongs to that temperature value must be plotted as an individual dot. This is a excerpt from my excel sheet:




      The column "KLIMAAT" stands for the temperature. the last column represents the gas-values.
      As you can see in the sheet there is a temperature-value of -0.9. The gasvalues 38 and 35. So when a chart is plotted.
      Under the value -0.9 two dots must be plotted, representing the value 35 and 38. For example:



      How can I achieve this?
      My first thought was to use the scatter plot chart, but I did not get the right result. Maybe I did something wrong?