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    Working with Cognos as a data source.

      Hi all!

      I'm about to start developing dashboards for the company that has implemented Cognos already. Obviously doing that within cognos is a solution I'd like to avoid, as the implementation is very weak and their reports are lacking a lot of functionalities. And now we encounter a problem - client will not allow us to access the data directly, so we'll have to use existing infrastructure. Is there a way to extract the data from it? As far as I know there's no too many cubes created but still need to get all of the data from there.

      Been thiniking about  TM1Qonnect from CarpeDatum (http://www.carpedatuminc.com/Products/TM1Qonnect.aspx)  but not sure whether it'll work fine with cognos DW.

      Any help appreciated.



      I've found out that they're using very old software which is as follows (upgrade needed? ):




      Framework Manager


      Cognos Configuration