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    Set analysis and aggr function

    Giorgia Michieli

      Hi everyone,

      I have 2 set analysis and I would like to have a pivot like this:

      CHIAVE LOCAZIONE   2013/01   2012/12    2012/11 ....

      loc1                10        5            13

      loc2                45        7             8

      Quantity is obtained by a fraction of 2 set analysis

      SET 1:


      and I would like to aggr this for year and month

      SET 2

      the other one is

      =(sum({$<[COD SOCIETA]={'8'}>} total(QUANTITA*COSTO)))

      in this one total is NOT correct because i would like to have quantità*costo aggr by year and month

      So, month per month i would see quantità*costo of this set of LOCAZIONE


      in fraction with

      quantità*costo of ALL CHIAVE LOCAZIONE

      I'm not able to write the 2 correct set analysis. Can You help me please?