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    Last Three months sales?

      Dear Community,


      i trying to calculate last three months sales based on the selection.

      suppose if i select Jan-2013 than i need to show the sales for last 3 months. (i,e: dec-2012 ,Nov-2012, Oct-2012).

      but the main concern is based on  financial year which starts from April-May.

      if i select 2012-Apr than last 3 months 2011-Mar ,2011-Feb ,2011-jan.

      i have attached the qvw file , which contain financial year and financialMonth number and FQuarter.


      hope someone will help me.




        • Re: Last Three months sales?
          Vincent Ardiet

          Hi Mukram,

          When I have this kind of filter to do, I use counter in my calendar table.


          So, in your case, you can add in the Sales table such a column:

          (year(today())*12+num(month(today())))-(year(TransactionDate)*12+num(month(TransactionDate))) as MonthCounter


          Then, in your chart, you can use a set analysis like this:

          =sum({$<MonthCounter={'<=$(=max(MonthCounter))>=$(=max(MonthCounter)-2)'}>}[Sales VAL])