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    Monitoring desktop usage by using lease statistics

    Jonathan Dienst



      I have a client where Qlikview is widely used as a desktop application, leasing licenses from a QV server. The server is not used for hosting or reloading models, it merely supplies the licenses. They have about 250 named user CALs.


      We are in the process of migrating them to a "proper" server based QV environment using session based licensing and need to establish the current usage of QV . We would like to see which named users have not used QV for the last 6-12 months so that we can reclaim these licenses and redeploy them to the new QV developers working on the server deployed models. Some users will continue to use desktop models and therefore will keep their named users CALs.


      In a normal QV server environment you can use the server logs to analyse user sessions and document use. As the users are not logging onto the server, these logs do not help. However, as metioned above, the desktop clients connect to the server to renew license leases.


      The question - is license lease renewal recorded anywhere in the server logs?


      May plan is to compare the renewal statistics to the list of named users CALS and see which user's license leases have not been renewed in the last 6 or 12 months.