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    Weighted calculation

      Hey @all


      I am looking for a way to bring this calculation to a QlikView expression:



        [value1_month1] * [value2_month1] +

        [value1_month2] * [value2_month2] +

        [value1_month3] * [value2_month3]

      ) / (

        [value1_month1] + [value1_month2] + [value1_month3]



      This is just an example.


      The result should be reacting on the selection of the month.


      So if you select March, April, June and July this 4 should be used in the calculation.


      I have made a few tries with the aggr() function before but have not a working result yet.


      Are there any possibilities instead of using a fixed number of months?



      Thank you for your help.