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    Issue with circular referance.



      I have a table users which has a user_id, valid_from_date , valid_to_date and lot of other columns that I need. Another table search which has user_id , search _date (contains those users who have performed a search). I have a time table which I have to join to these two tables to get actual date.


      I have a filter for year, quater and month . A filter which needs to select users who have performed search.(I need to join search and users with user_id)

      I need to show two charts:

      1. Using users table and time table (I have used interval match and inflated the data to get date of valid users from valid_from_date and valid_to_date)

      2. The second chart needs users in search table , now this table needs to join with the time table on search_date.


      so I have users join with search , which joins with time table and time table join with users.


      I cant avoid circular ref!


      Please help!

      How can these two charts be implemented