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    Error Handling at Aplication

      Hi QlikViewers,



      I read some posts about error handling on community and have a few questions based on my requirements.


      1. Can QlikView handle application based errors. Like if a divide by 0 happens as user is trying to interact with data, can this be logged as a fatal error?

      2. Can QlikView alert the user in some situations like, if the start date is less that the end date in a date range selection, clicking on submit button pops a dialog box saying that start date cannot be less than end date?

      3. My understanding is that a lot of custom logging can be done through VB macros, but I would like to reduce that to minimum. How much Out of the box logging can be done with QlikView (excluding the performance, event, session, and audit logs created by default)?


      Please provide some insight in these topics.