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    bar chart question

      Hey guys. Need some assistance.


      I have 2 bar charts. Month on the X axis, and a percentage on the Y.


      I decided that I would rather have one single chart, so I used the expressions I built the original 2 charts with, and I made one "complete" chart, with 2 bars for each month, showing different percentages, one red, one blue.


      One percentage is for the amount of payments completed for that month, the other is for the amount of sales made for that month.



      Here's my question:


      I want this chart to only show the LOWEST value for that month.


      Is there a conditional "show" I can do?


      ALSO, and more important: I'm going to need to bring in like, 10 more values / expressions.... how could I possibly do a conditional "only show min value for that month", when it's going to be like, a dozen expressions?


      Is that doable?


      One final question: I'd like to, instead of showing the month name on the X axis, show the actual name of the "min value". That is, if I brought in 12 expressions on a single bar chart, and then actually figured out how to do the conditional "only show the lowest value for that month", and the lowest one was "Payments", is there a way to name the X axis as "Payments"?


      Thanks guys. Let me know if this reads correctly, I know it's a bit convoluted.

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          Basically, what I'm looking for is a way to get the min value when comparing multiple expression results, which are displayed via a bar chart. And then only show that min value.

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              Any thoughts, gentlemen and ladies?


              Is there any way to get the "min" value when comparing multiple expressions and limit their results to only the "min"? This is in a bar chart setup.



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                  Gysbert Wassenaar

                  Probably easiest to use only one expression that returns the minimum of all your 10+ expressions. Something like:


                  rangemin( expression1, expression2,...., expression10+)


                  Getting the right value on the x-axis is more complicated. Can you post the document you're working on?

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                      Sure can. I've attached a print screen of the graph I'm trying to replicate.


                      Each bar represents a different category - RC01, RC02, etc - and the value shown in those bars? Well, there are about 3 expressions per bar that I will need to do... so, RC01 has 3 expressions, based on some different criteria, and then I need to show the LOWEST value from those 3 expressions.


                      So, RC01 has 3 expressions, then needs to show the lowest value that came from those expressions. And so on.


                      So what I'm trying to do here is build out all of the expressions, then find a way to only show the lowest value. So for instance: RC01 would be something like "min value of expression 1, 2, 3) then for RC02, it would be the same: "min value of expression 4, 5, 6, 7".


                      My head hurts.