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    Cumulative Bar Chart Multiplying Results?

      Hello All,


      I am trying to create a cumulative bar chart using the expression:



      (above(TOTAL count(Product_id), 0, rowno(total)))


      It works fine when just selecting one product, however when I select more than one product, it multiplies the result in the chart. Please see the attached picture of product A & D. In reality, product A has only sold 27 for this period, it is D that has sold 1058.


      I would expect then for the cumulative total in 2012 to be 1085. Instead it appears to be ~2,200.


      I know the problem is in the chart - I have attached the straight table behind this chart and it accumulates just fine.


      Also an additional point - I have this chart set to 'no accumulation' since this is what the expression does and when I do set it to 'full accumulation' the results are multiplied further.


      Any help would be appreciated! I can't see where this has gone wrong...