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    Dual Qlikview Web Server

      We are using Qlikview 11 Enterprise edition, and have implemented  SSO with DMS ( with IIS) to for user authentication from their AD. QV server is not in any domain; problem occurs when user trying to Lease the License from the QV server because to lease licenses user must be from the  Local Directory ( mean user need to be created on the QV hosted server and using the credentials from the server only, not from the CUSTOM directory).


      While doing so we have to assign two different CALs to the users who is developer as well. one for viewing the documents and one for development ( lease License).


      To avoid this, can we have DUAL authentication ( DMS + NTFS) implemented on the same Qlikview setup? Do any one have any steps/Doc available? I was searching on the community but not able to get whole piece on one go. can we implement two Qlikview Web server on the same IIS?

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          Bill Britt

          To start you can't run QVS in dual mode and the other problem you will have is you can't run another DSC with Custom Users.


          Let me test something this morning and get back with you. I have an ideal about a solution, but I want to make test it to make sure.




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              Thanks Bill for reply. i will surely wait and let me know if you need more information

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                  Bill Britt

                  Ok, this was a real easy test and it worked. I setup a user in Custom Directory and set QVS in DMS mode. I made sure that there was one document assigned to my user. I then did an open in server.








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                      Thanks Bill you your efforts and time.
                      I have tried the same scenario in past and failed to lease license with CUSTOM\User1 credential. Please refer following scenario what we currently had;

                      1.  We have QV server ( Qlikview hosted) which is not in any domain ( third party infrastructure hired)
                      2. We have users from a domain (AD) , which need to view/access/modify reports from QV server, for those we have implemented SSO ( Siteminder).
                      3. SSO authenticate the users from domain and pass user credentials as HTTP header to QV services, than Qlikview only check for user name in CUSTOM directory.
                      4. In QV CUSTOM directory we have configured User name, Email and CUSTOM user group and not configured any password because SSO only need to check presence of name in QV CUSTOM directory.
                      5. Once authentication passed, documents CALs assigned  to CUSTOM user based on the requirement and this setup is working fine.


                      I have tested the scenario while doing following steps.


                      1. New test user added into DSC – CUSTOM Directory with password
                      2. Selected “Open In Server” option from Qlikview Designer application
                      3. Selected ‘Alternate Identity” option and provide CUSTOM user name like “CUSTOM\test” or “Test” and providing password as well.
                      4. Getting following error as follows




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                          Bill Britt

                          Then you can try to setup the accesspoint in developer and see if you can go through that to lease an license. You can fine information about that in the QlikView reference manual page 64.



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                              HI Bill,

                              Can you suggest any specific topic to search in reference manual? one which i am having showing me "10.12 Help Menu" on page 64.


                              We tried using QV designer and follow the steps like


                              -- Provided AccessPoint URL on this location "Settings -- User preferences -- Location -- Qlikview Server Access Poitn URL"

                              -- Clikced on "Tools -- Open Qlikview AccessPoint"


                              Even though it shows page can not be displayed; this method is not prompting use to provide User name and Passowrd used for SSO.

                              Is Qlikview designer application use IE as borwser to open AccessPoint in it?