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    How to open sub qvw file from main qvw file in accesspoint ?

      Hi All,

      Please help me to resolve below issues.


      QV Version- QV 11.20 EE

      AccessPoint login type - Custom



      When i login accesspoint using username pkkm it should show only enterprise.qvw file. enterprise.qvw file have two buttons one is to open qvw file called inpatient.qvw and another one is to open outpatient.qvw file, these files should not show in accesspoint but should open when i click on the button in enterprise.qvw file.

      I have given necessary coding to open and its opening in qv desktop but i am facing below problems after deploying it in server.


      I have provided access to user pkkm to access enterprise.qvw file but showing permission issue when i try to open outpatient/inpatiend qvw files through enterprise.qvw.

      I am able to view all the files (enterprise,inpatient and outpatient) in accesspoint after giving access to pkkm for accessing inpatient&outpatient, but i don't want to show these files (other than enterprise.qvw) in accesspoint.


      Also when i close file using close button in IE, it's not showing anything other than a 'restore' button.


      Please help me to resolve this issue.