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    Selection of multiple values on multiple fields using Macro



      I want to make selection on some fields based on the selection on another field.


      For example, I have three different product filters(Lets say Prod1,Prod2 and Prod3) which are available in three different Fact tables with different names and we couldn't combine it into a single field. And these three fact tables may contain same values in some case.


      So thinking to create a floating/stand alone table(Lets say Product) with the values from Prod1, Prod2 and Prod3.


      Product will be given as a filter box and based on the selection on 'Product', values in Prod1, Prod2 and Prod3 have to be selected. We can achieve it using 'Select in Filed' trigger itself. But due to some reason second trigger is not working eventhougth the condition is correct.


      Can we do this using macro?

      1. Get the selections in Product field

      2. Select those values in Prod1, Prod2 and Prod3