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    Expressions Limits

      I know it is possible to limit dimensions to only show value greater or less than a certain number.


      I have this expression:


      sum({$<[Margin Account] =>} MARGIN)


      This is used in a straight table and I would like to only display values above £10, 000, 000. How would I do that?

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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          This will show you the sum of MARGIN where Margin Account is > 10,000,000:

          sum({$<[Margin Account] = {'>10000000'} >} MARGIN)


          This returns the sum of MARGIN where MARGIN is > 10,000,000 and selections in Margin Account are disregarded:

          sum({$<[Margin Account]=, MARGIN={'>10000000'} >} MARGIN)


          This returns a value if the sum of MARGIN is > 10,000,000:

          If(sum($<[Margin Account]=>}MARGIN)>10000000),sum($<[Margin Account]=>}MARGIN)>10000000))

          Not sure which one you're looking for.