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    bookmark & server objects gone missing



      I discovered this strange behavior of bookmark, but i'm not sure if it's already a known bug.


      I am on V11 SR1, with publisher, with plugin.


      When i tried to create a bookmark, for some published QVW, i can see the newly created bookmark listed when i click on bookmark.


      For some other qvw, i had to go Bookmark > More > My server bookmark , to see the create bookmark.


      Does anyone know how to fix this?



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          Roland Vecera



          Are you in a QVS cluster environment?

          We have the same issues at a customer, and currently waiting for the customer patch in QV11SR2!


          I would escalate your problem through QT Support.


          Best regards,


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            This is getting really weird.


            It not only happen to bookmark.


            It happen to sheet added via plugin.

            In QMC, i can see those newly created sheet, but when i go back to the dashboard, i can't find the sheet at all.


            Does anyone aware of this?

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                Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce



                There are a couple of bugs hopefully to be fixed in the next release of 11.2. However, in some cases it all depends on the name of the bookmark, meaning that under some circumstances, BM01 is not the same as User\BM01 or Document\BM01


                If you have already tried to rename your bookmarks, I'd bet on the bug. If you have not already, log a Support ticket with as much information as possible and if possible, a sample document with an step by step. As a customer, you can use the new Qoncierge service who will help you on the process with Support.


                I happen to recall a bug fixed in v10 SR6 according to the Release Notes document, and something similar in the Update 1 of v11 SR1.


                Let us know in any case.


                Hope that helps,