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    Help on showing pop-up message box via the QV Accesspoint



      Has anyone an idea on how to solve the following problem.


      I have create a model that requires each time that the model or document is opened either via the access point (Ajax client) or via a personal edition that a pop-up message box appears with a question. The user than has to answer this question with yes or no. The result is used in a variable that determines the content of the model (which selection the user can make).


      I have create a simple VBA macro that opens the messagebox and reads the correct information. The macro is an action that is called upon when the document is opened (via the document settings - Triggers). Everything seems to work fine except when using the accesspoint.

      I have checked the QlikView server settings and settings in the macro editor,  as suggested in the many other discussions here, they all allow macro's but still the box does not appear when logging in via the accesspoint.


      Anyone an idea how I can show the message box each time the model is opened?


      thanks in  advance