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    wrong pie chart

    steve peroni


      I've created a simple pie chart , that should show the sales vslues for each customer.

      But its biggest part it's not related to the right customer.


      What I'0m doing wrong ? I attached my very simple excel file

      HElp please


      Thanks in advance


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          Stefan Wühl

          Not sure what is going wrong or what your problem is.

          Would be helpful if you could post your QV app and the outcome you expect to see.


          From your attached excel file, I created some simple charts. All seem to be correct to me, I see top customer is #205 with a SOMMA of € 384,42.


          What do you expect to see?

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              steve peroni

              Hi Swuehl,

              first of all thanks for your help.

              I found the problem.

              I changed a bit your document, setting the first graph as bar chart and pie chart.

              The second step was to set "show horizontal scroll bar when you have more than 10 elements" into the bar char.

              The result is: when you show data as bar char, everything is fine; when you swap to pie chart, you will see that the biggest part, is related to the customer 18.


              Is there a way to keep both visualizations whitout problem ?


              Thanks in advance for you help.