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    Here's a challenge - and a request for help creating a static grid in bubble chart

    Ellen Blackwell



      I would like to do the folowing with the bubble chart in the attached .qvw (and pictured below):


      1. Maintain a static, consistently sized 3 x 3 grid,
      2. that aligns with the project Class descriptions and Project Type labels included outside of the actual chart,
      3. where bubbles do not overlap,
      4. display minor grids only,
      5. and in a perfect world, define the x and y locations where the dimension values will appear; that is, when looking at Region, specify that the bubble for North America (for example) will always appear in the upper left corner of the specific 'box'


      If I can create a static-sized chart with a static grid, then I could add horizontal lines on the y axis to create the illusion of a '9-Box'.


      I have tried various approaches unsuccessfully. Is any of this possible? How? If it can be accomplished with a Scatter Chart, that would be ok too.


      Any assistance or direction would be greatly appreciated!


      Thank you,



      p.s. I am working in v10.5 and have v11 available