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    Histogram with multiple expressions.

      Hello all,


      I had a question, and I am not sure if this is possible to do within Qlikview.


      This chart will look like bar charts put together sideways on the same dimensional axis (age range) and information on gender.....


      Here is a rough visual of what I want.


               Male                          Female


                   XXXX    I   <20    I    XXX

             XXXXXXXX   I   21-30  I   XXXXXX

          XXXXXXXXXX   I  31-40   I   XXXXXXXXXXX

               XXXXXXX   I   41-50  I   XXXXXXXXXXXXX

                  XXXXX    I  51-60  I    XXXX

                      XXX   I    >61   I    XXX


      Now, I cant do this combinding two barcharts and having one of them being negative values, because then they will not share the same dimensional axis (age range) which could vary between genders depending on user selections made on other fields.


      Also, when the user clicks on say the age range of '21-30', I want information for both genders to show up. I also need the user to be able to click one of the Male information bars and consequently filter out the Female information bars, and vice versa.


      Currently, the closest Ive gotten would be to have side by side bar chart, but then you cannot separate by gender, you can only filter down by age range.


      If anyone has any suggestions on how to do this or has a workaround, that would be great.