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    Server Reloads loses de filter of the document!

      We developed a web application that is complemented by the presentation of a Qlikview 11 graphics.

      The graphs are presented in context with a particular book that is being analyzed.

      The way we implemented to obtain the information from Qlikview, was to create a selector with the id of the books.

      In the URL that is called, to present the graphs, we filter out the id of the desired book, like this:



      The document was published on Qlickview server without having any book ID preselected, ie, it has all the information of all books.

      As mentioned, the ID of the desired book is set in the URL.


      This solution works well, except for the reload of the document. At that moment, if a user is browsing the document, watches a refresh of information, but loses the filter that is on the selector (a specific book), and see the graph with the information of all books.

      The only action that the user is able to do to fix this is to close the window where the chart is displayed and re-open it. The document returns to the desired book.


      I've been researching the Qlikview forum and found what I thought was the solution, but I could not put it into practice.

      The solution is to clear a flag in QVS so that we have more than one copy of the document in memory, causing reloads not affect the graphics that are being presented to users (only in the next reopening of the graph, the updated data will be presented to users).



      From what I read, had gotten the idea that this option could be displayed document by document, however this was the only place where I found and is a general option.


      The document used to test this solution has the following server properties:




      I ask for help to understand what is missing, or even a workaround for this problem.



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          The answer that i got from Qlikview support it's for using bookmarks instead of links with filters.


          But how can i do that?

          I searched the documentation, community and videos, and I have not figured out a way to pass bookmarks in URLs with variable information (depending on the chosen book in the external application that calls the Qlikview document).


          Can anyone help me with that?