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    Free practice - Oslo-Norway

      During almost last 3 years I have worked as Java systems developer.  Earlier I have worked also with administration and partially with development of  BI systems.

      I have broad knowledge, courses and certificate in BI area.

      My last employer has been closed because of financial problems.

      I would like to start to work in BI area preferably with QlikView tool.

      In last period I have realized whole free courses fromhttp://www.qlik.com/us/services/training/free-training

      I know how to work with QlikView documents and I’m  familiar with basic steps of creating a script and an appropriate data structure as well as a appealing, efficient layout.

      In order to get the professional experience with QlikView I’m looking for a company in Oslo-Norway where I could have about 3 months free practice. I would be sent by NAV so employer could have my person during this period for FREE.

      My Norwegian is at the middle level.

      I suppose that for example I could work with your customers independently from the beginning.

      Please feel free to contact me on e-mail: rafal_laczek@yahoo.no


      Thanks in advance for your support.