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    Reassign data in one Month to Another

    Jeremy Schmitt

      Help me out QV Community, I have some accounts that were placed with us at the beginning of say December that were Supposed to be placed in November. I don't want to manipulate the database because we want to actually know the placed date, yet I want them reported for November. Would I just have to do some sort of renaming of the Month in the script? How would I do this with multiple field criteria like below.


      Basically if the field TIER is "Quint" and then DATE_FIELD is "20121201", I want all those December dates to show up as November dates in the DATE_FIELD, but only for that month if it is that TIER.


      This is what I was thinking of using but not sure it is what I need

      IF(Tier = 'Quint' and DATE_FIELD='20121201',20121130,DATE_FIELD) as DATE_FIELD