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    Correlated subquery in qlikview

      Hi All,


      I'm trying to achieve similar results in Qlikview script as you'd get from a correlated subquery in any database. I have a dataset as below;


      ComponentName            Action            ActionDate

      Comp-A                         START           26-Feb-2013 10:30:00

      Comp-B                         START           26-Feb-2013 10:50:00

      Comp-A                         STOP            26-Feb-2013 12:40:00

      Comp-A                         START           26-Feb-2013 14:30:00

      Comp-A                         STOP            26-Feb-2013 19:30:00

      Comp-B                         STOP            26-Feb-2013 19:30:00

      Comp-C                         START           26-Feb-2013 21:50:00

      Comp-C                         STOP            26-Feb-2013 22:30:00


      From the above data, I wish to analyse what component was running at any given time. For example,

      at  12:00  - A, B

      at  14:00  - B

      at   16:00 - A, B

      at  20:00  -  None

      at  22:00  - C


      This is easily done in database using subquery but can this be done using qlikview script as well? I need to do this for every hour of the day for a much larger set of data.

      Any guidance to achive such a result is much appreciated.