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    Apply License Issue

      I have all the information ready to apply license for our new build Qlikview Server. However when I click on "Apply License" it pop-up a windows say that I have to restart the qlikview which is fine. However all the Serial number and Owner name Organization are gone after I click on the ok button on the po-up. I also see a "Success" message on the right bottom corner above "Apply License. what can it go wrong? Thanks.


      I am using Qlikview10 SR5 Server

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          Daniel Rozental

          I've seen issues like this before, a few reasons why it might be happening.


          - The user running services isnt a local server admin

          - An antivirus/antispyware software is running and block the user

          - UAC is enabled

          - If it's a virtual machine, the user running the services profile is corrupted, try creating a new one.

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              I resolve my problem by reinstalling qlikview server.

              That is a step I did it wrong during the installation. I click "I want to specify the account to be used for the services later." so no service is runnning at the time when I apply the license.


              However I have other questiona about this. It suppose to allow user to use a domain account to run the service. But when I use the Browe button, I dont see my Domain. so I have to use a local account to run the service.


              Is this a Qlikview Installation Bug? Thanks