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    Recalculation- and UI issues with object in Container (bug?)

      Dear qlikview users,


      I'm using the a Container-object as a Gridpane to create a collapsable window. The container consists of a Line Chart and a Slider.

      Sometimes, when I minimize the container and then maximize it again, the chart keeps recalculating its data. And it stays like that.

      Another thing that could happen is that it shows a gray cross through the chart. The way to solve this is to minimize and maximize the window a couple of times. However, that does not work all the time, sometimes the container will just freeze and I have to restart clickview.

      See the picture below.


      Also, sometimes when the Slider (multi-value) is used, the slider kind of 'minimizes' and all the labels dissapears.

      The only thing that is visible are the arrows. To restore this, I need to press the Clear button.
      See the picture below.




      I've opened the dashboard on my work-pc and on my home laptop. On both machines the issue remains.


      I'm using QlikView 11.20.11643.0 IR 64-bit Edition


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