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    Cluster Qlikveiw  Question

      This is partial LEF Info from my license. It suppose to support 2 cluster nodes in our enviornment.













      1) I added an additional Qlikview Custer Server Under System > Setup > Cluster.

      2) I check the status under Status> Service > (Qlikview Servers), it show the status as "Multple Status", when I click on it, It show 2 server list on the Messages box.The first one is Running and the second one is Off Duty.

      3) I click on Status> QVS Statustics, I select the second server and click on Performance. It should "OffDuty and "Cluster Count Exceeded"


      Did I misunderstanding "NUMBER_OF_CLUSTER_NODES;2;;"?



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          Bill Britt

          You are correct. However, you need to point both server root Folder  to a the same Shared folder location.



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              Since I just install Qlikview Server on the Machine#2 and I assume it will work as a slave service.

              I use the QEMC from Machine#1 to hook up the service under "System>Setup>Cluster


              They should be a centralize point to setup the Root folder under System>Setup>Folders>Document Folders>Root Folder. so this location will be used by both service. Am I correct? Thanks.

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                  That is other update.


                  Under System> Setup> Cluster

                  I try to add second server as qvp://localhost


                  when I check the status under Satus>Services>QVS@ServerNAME

                  it said All service in the cluster are running without any reported problems.

                  ServerName: Running

                  localhost: Running


                  so my question for the license



                  Is this Number of Cluster support 2 serivce but it need to be on the same machine?