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    Filtering with set analysis

      I have a problem with the usage of set analysis. I have the following Pivot Table:



      The Result 2 Field, calculates the sum of the field "z_dauer". Here the formula "sum(z_dauer)". It is calculating the total sum for the field "mitarbeiter_id" in this case. For instance the "mitarbeiter_id" 296 has total z_dauer of 4537,75, 317 has 3958,5 and so on. I want to filter this depending on the field "projektnummer".


      In the Result 1 column, I used :


      sum({$<z_projektnummer =  {M112082} >} z_dauer)


      This way, Result 1 filters the z_dauer with the value "M112082".


      In the Result 3 column, I used:


      sum({$<z_projektnummer =  {$(=projektnummer)} >} z_dauer)


      But unfortunately this does not work.


      How can I tell my code to filter depending on Column projektnummer in this case?


      Thanks for any help.