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    Drop down position issue with MultiBox on AJAX

    Vladimir Komarov



      I've noticed pretty weird issue with dropdown option on Multibox object.


      I have more than 40 items in this MultiBox and by default the visible portion is ~30% of the whole list.


      If I use a dropdown option for one of the items on the top of the list, everything looks right and the item expands at the right position, right next to the item I've selected:


      Please note the scroll bar position (#1)


      If I pick the item from the middle of the list (after scrolling the list down) the selected item expands much lower than the selected item:



      Please note the scroll bar position (#2 and #3)


      It looks like this new vertical position is relevant to item's position in the fully expanded list (without vertical scrolling)


      Picking the item from the very bottom of the list opens the drop down much lower the item's position:


      Please note the scroll bar position (#4)


      It's clearly a bug in AJAX client implememtation, but I am just wondering if it's possible to control this dropdown's position (make it fixed at least) somehow.

      I would appreciate any suggestions.


      Best regards,