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    How to limit a straight table to only show one record set of data

      I need to know how to limit/manipulate a straight table to only show the data when user specifically select one product.


      Let me explain further:

      I have 2 listboxes. One contains Scenarios and the other one contains Products. One scenario can have one or more products.

      I have a pivot table that lists all the metrics related to that product. Dimensions are scenarios, metrics and the product. I have the value of each metric as my expression. So, basically the presentation is: I have the metrics are rows, while I have Scenarios and Product as columns.

      I have straight table which contains the materical cost of the product.


      Now, this is my dilemna:

      I need this material cost straight table to only show the data when a user specifically select one product only. So, if user select a scenario and that scenario has more than one product, the pivot table will display as usual (display all the products related to the scenario) but the material cost table will be emtpy until the user select one product only. Since the material cost is supposed to display the data of one product only.


      I'm quite new to qlikview so I'm struggling how to do this. Any help/advice is greatly appreciated.


      Thanks a lot.