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    Java API or xml-over-http methods for QV 11

      We have code in our java server app that does the following using XML over HTTP for QV 9, but I cannot find any useful info about how to do this in QV 11:


      - request the list of current DMS users for a document

      - request the addition of a new user to the DMS for a document


      We then do ticketting and forwarding to the published documents URL (including a ticket), but I bet that part is easier to uncover, so I'll limit my question to the first step that I need.


      Thanks for any help you can provide.


      For QV 9 we currently send  this (with folder and file substituted, and to a white-list-IP-protected IIS server) via an HTTP request and we get back a response containing XML:


      <update mark="" view='"" kind='MetaServiceData_obj" level="0" stamp="" ident="new:${folder}${file}.qvw" ></update>