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    setting a variable value from a table expression value

      Hey guys.


      Is there a way to set the value of a variable as the value of an expression in a straight table?


      To explain a little more: I have a straight table. It has about 10 expressions in it. The last of these expressions shows me what the lowest value is, of expressions 1 through 9, with the use of a large IF statement.

      So, for example:


      expression 1 value: 100

      expression 2 value: 50

      expression 3 value: 40



      expression 10 value: 40


      I need to find a way to set the value of a variable as the value of expression 10, of this straight table. The reason being, I have about 5 of these straight tables, and I'm making a bar chart, to show the lowest value in each straight table.


      Or perhaps, is there a way to call a specific sheet object (the straight table), and then a specific column value from that table? I need the variable to have that value in it.


      (as a side note, I've never used a variable, so speak slow and with small words. heh. I'm also about 3 weeks new to QV.)