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    Help with Nulling multiple fields for the same transaction date





      I have a table containing a list of clients by company, branch, client number and cover number grouped together and named "Cover". The tables contains types of transactions made by each "Cover" and the date these transactions were made.


      What I'm looking to do is null all transactions for the year for that specific cover if a certain transaction type was made.


      For example:


      Cover - 5ST-BRIA0007-0015445 has a Transaction Type "C" and "R" on 30/04/2013.


      Because there is a transaction of "C" on that date, I would like all other transactions for this cover on that date/ or year (in this example "R") to be nulled.


      The reason for this is that transaction "C" stands for cancellation of a policy, which means all other transactions for that policy in that year will now be void and should not be counted when working out the total premium of policies.


      I have a feeling that some sort of mapping will be involved but at the moment i'm at a loss.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      I've attached an image of the table for anyone willing to have a look.


      Kind regards,