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    Problem with chart dimensions



      I have a bar chart that is showing a measure, trended over month and year dimensions.  There is a dummy "=1" dimension on the chart also used to prevent the months being stacked on the chart.


      I want all of the chart values to be displayed at all times, even if the user adds a filter that will take a month value to zero i.e. all years and months are shown even if there aren't any values for them in the selection.


      To achieve this, I have ticked the "Show All Values" option on the "Year" and "Month" dimensions and also unticked the "suppress zero values" on the Presentation tab of the chart properties.


      So far so good - everything works how I want it... however an extra null (shown by "-" symbol) value for the year dimension has appeared from somewhere that I cannot remove.


      I have created attached an application to demonstrate the problem. Can anyone assist me with this problem?