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    Why does the QlikViewOCX say that my document is an old file?

      I have written a little test application using the QlikViewOCX, which i copyed to pc without any QlikView installations(for testing our deployment). And if i open a QlikViewDocument locally, which i copyed form our QVS just a minite ago, i get a strange message box. I open the document by calling


      QvOcx.OpenDocument(LocalDocumentPath, "Test1", "test1");
      this methode. The User "Test1" has access to the document if i open it from the QVS via QVP, but locally i get this message box which says: "Recoverring old file, will load with out data.". Then the documents displays all controls/views/charts/etc. but with no data in it. So, what went wrong here?