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    How to join two seperate data sets together

      We are trying to add sales goal information to our actual sales and budget information for each salesrep. Below is a sample image of the tables and relationships we are using:


      QlikView Issue.jpg

      The problem is if I join the Salesrep from the GoalTable to the Salesrep in the Financials table I get a circular reference error. In our ouptut we would like to display a table that contains the Total Dollar_Amount from the Finanicals Table and Goal_Amount from the GoalTable for each salesrep (example below)


      Salesrep             Total_Amount          Goal_Amount

      Salesrep A                      $50.00                   $200.00

      Salesrep B                      $75.00                   $500.00


      How can I link or display this information together? Thank you!