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    Problems with publisher distribution

    Robson Candeo



      I have an aplication that contains sales data, and it it distributed for the sales persons using publisher.

      I have a session acces where I associate every sales person with their data using a reduction by field value, distributing with a loop field in document making a check with SAM Account Name.

      Everything used to be all right for months but specifically today, without any identifiable reason, instead of getting 30 differentes QVWs publisheds, I have just one with all data distributed for the first vendor.

      I´ve tried to reexecute the aplication many times with no sucess and I don´t have any idea what´s going on.


      Can anyone give me some hint please?


      Attached some screen shots of the publisher task.



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          Peter Cammaert

          If you open the Source document (reloaded before distribution), is all the necessary data still there? For example, does the field SEG_VENDEDOR contain just a single value or does it still show about 30 different names? In the latter case, is there any data associated with these names?



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              Robson Candeo

              Hi, in my source document it has the necessary data. The proof is that I´ve made a simple change in the reload task (just a fake change only to actualize) and the task started to work again with the right published documents.


              I think it is a bug and I had it in the past. But if anyone has an idea how can I avoid this to happen again I appreciate cause this is putting the confiability of the publisher in check.


              Thank You