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    How to connect Qlikview to SAP BW

    Rubens Rodrigues

      Helo, how are you guys?


      I would like to ask you some questions related to Qlikview and SAP BW integration. They might be simple questions for you experts and I do appreciate your help!!! These are the questions:


      1. Which Product should be used as "Integrator" between Qlikview and SAP BW? Would it be SAP Connector or Qlikview Connector 5 (I think they are the same but I would like to confirm)?


      2. Does "the Product" support SAP BW version 7.3 since I've checked and "Qlikview Connector 5" was certificated to SAP Test System: SAP NetWeaver 7.1? In case of SAP Connector is a different Product, where should I get reference from?


      3. Is there any recommendation for using Qlikview with SAP BW? As far as I know, SAP BW has its own engine to build queries logic statements, thus in such case Qlikview might not access the SAP tables directly, but receive data retrieved directly from BW Engine.


      PS: We have the SAP Connector here but don't know if this is the right Product!


      Sorry if it sounds so rookie, but I'm just a Business Analyst designing business for BI views


      Thank you in advance.


      Rubens Rodrigues