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    Qlikview Fetch Aborted issue via SAP Connector

    Nitin Jain

      Hello Everyone,


      Currently we are facing an issue with one of our client regarding the data fetch from SAP.


      “QVX_UNEXPECTED_END_OF_DATA: Fetch aborted, due to wrong number of rows received. Received 205638 rows, should be 206125”.


      We are using QV SAP Connector while fetching the data from SAP. While this issue is coming not on a frequently basis and also not on a particular table.


      We are using  this connection string.



      CUSTOM CONNECT TO "Provider=QvSAPConnector.dll;ASHOST=;SYSNR=60;CLIENT=000;Log=1;KeepCasing=1;NullDate=1;XUserId=JbaMXUXbaB;XPassword=baAGTRFA;TimeOutFetch=200000";


      Here are some of the basic information that you be required.

      1. Qlikview Version :- QV 11 SR2
      2. Qlikview SAP Connector :-  QV SAP 5.6 SR1
      3. SAP BASIS :- 700 (Patch Level 25)


      Note :-

      1. I am also sharing the log file of the .qvw document for your reference.



      Please help me regarding the same.



      Nitin Jain