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    Ad-Hoc Report Query

    Priyanka Rao


      I am creating a Customized Report.

      It is very much similar to the 'Reports' Tab in the Demo App of Qlikview(as Attached),difference being the Number of Expressions/ Columns used.

      The Number of Expressions/Columns in my app is greater than 9 while in the Demo App of Qlikview it is  4.

      The Challange faced is with the condition cheching which is like:

      =SubStringCount(Concat(_metricsNo, '|'), 1)


      Apparently when value in the '_metricsNo' is 12, the Fields getting Displayed are for  _metricsNo 1, 2, 12 which should be only be for _metricsNo 12.

      Have attached the relevent files.


      Please suggest a workaround.


      Thanks !