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    Script to show from what is clicked

      Dear All


      Please find the attached file.


      Here when i click on Basic its showing platinum to basic how many people changed.same for gold and platinum also its showing.


      But i want when i click on Basic it should show from basic how many people changed.Ex Basic to gold how many people changed and Basic to Platinum how many people changed.



      I am Using the below script to do .


      Can anyone please help how to achieve whatever i want.


      Thanks in ADVANCE









      month(SUB_DATE) as Month,

      Year(SUB_DATE) as Year,

      Dual('Q' & Ceil(Month(SUB_DATE)/3), Ceil(Month(SUB_DATE)/3)) as Quarter ,

      QuarterName(SUB_DATE) as YearQuarter,





      if( Peek(CH_SUB_ID)=CH_SUB_ID  ,if(PACK_ID <>Peek(PACK_ID),peek(PACK_NAME) & ' - ' & PACK_NAME,'' ),'NA') as Change







      Resident Temp



      Order By CH_SUB_ID,SUB_DATE;










      DROP table Temp;






      LOAD *, 1 as Flag



      Resident PackageChange



      Where Change <>  'NA';










      Drop Table PackageChange;