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    Extracting multiple data from one field



      I am having a problem with one field that is being pulled from Sharepoint.

      It basically is a lookup field that can contain numerous data:


      Some background:

      - This is a change management report tool which lists the number of change requests per application

      - A group of Change Requests are piled up into a Release


      The problem arises that when in Qlikview, looking at what CRs are included in a Release the field looks like:


      Table A

      Release IDRel NameAssociated CRs
      1Release ACR1
      2Release BCR2
      3Release CCR1; CR3; CR4; CR5


      Table B

      Change IDCR Name


      In order to accurately link the CR in the Release table (A), to the CR objects (table B) I need to somehow extract the objects out individually.

      I have tried using the

      SubField([Associated CRs], ';') as NewField  function but it only brings back the first CR from the left while leaving all the other ones (CR3,4 and 5 in example above)


      Is there a way of returning the Release table to look like this?

      Release IDRel NameAssociated CRsNewField
      1Release ACR1CR1
      2Release BCR2CR1
      3Release CCR1; CR3; CR4; CR5CR1
      3Release CCR1; CR3; CR4; CR5CR3
      3Release CCR1; CR3; CR4; CR5CR4
      3Release CCR1; CR3; CR4; CR5CR5